Premium Plush 16 x 24" Cloth, 3-Pack

Zwipes Auto Premium Plush 16 x 24″ Cloth, 3-Pack

  • Designed to handle the most delicate of surfaces – won’t scratch paint
  • Extra density in the towel increases absorbency of dirt and dust
  • Recommended to use for buffing
  • Machine washable to reuse hundreds of times
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Premium Plush 16 x 24″ Cloth, 3-Pack – Our Premium Plush towels are constructed of a luxurious, shaved microfiber to handle the most delicate of surfaces. To ensure such delicacy, we added an extra density to the towels to keep all surfaces safe while being extremely absorbent of particles – from drying water, to picking up quick detailer spray, or buffing out wax, sealants, and polishes. Each edge is silk banded for years’ worth of a scratch­-free performance. Throw them in the wash and reuse hundreds of times. These towels can do it all!


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