Zwipes Cobweb Duster Brush Head

Cobweb Duster Brush Head

  • Zwipes Cobweb Dusting Head
  • Cleans cobwebs, walls, ceilings, cornices, floors with electrostatic action
  • Ideal for cleaning high corners and crown molding moldings
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From cobwebs, to ceilings, high walls, floors, cornices, and hard to reach corners, the Zwipes Cobweb Duster Brush Head works great for heavy-duty dusting needs. For the high areas, unscrew the handle and attach an extension pole (Zwipes item 980). The electrostatic fibers take care of the rest, attracting dirt, dust, and cobweb particles like a magnet, without scratching the surface. When done, rinse in warm water with mild soap and hang dry.


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