3-in-1 Pro Car Wash Sponge

Zwipes Auto Car Wash Sponge 3-in-1

  • Three cleaning specific sides for powerful 360 clean
  • Use the terry side (short weave) for general use
  • The chenille side (noodle weave) works perfect for delicate surfaces
  • Apply the mesh to problem areas such as bugs, droppings, and sap
  • Pairs well with Zwipes Pro Waffle drying towel for a quick wash and dry system
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Car Wash Sponge 3-in-1 Zwipes Auto – These multi­-compound sponges come with three sides to effectively clean paint, chrome, and windows. The chenille side, or noodle weave, works perfectly for delicate surfaces while the terry side, or short weave, works for general purposes. Apply the mesh to problem areas such as bugs, droppings, and sap and watch them almost effortlessly disappear. It’s a powerful 360­ degree clean in one tool.


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